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OMICS Publishing Group is a publisher of approximately 250 open access journals in a number of academic fields. The company’s director is Srinubabu Gedela[1] and it has offices in Los Angeles (United States), Hyderabad (India), and Henderson (Nevada, United States).[2] It is part of the Hyderabad-based OMICS Group,[3] which also has another branch, OMICS Group Conferences, which organizes scientific conferences.[4] The group started its first open-access journal, the Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics, in 2008.[5]

Some observers have described the publisher as “predatory”, insofar as authors who have submitted papers have been sent invoices after their manuscripts were accepted for publication despite the lack of a robust peer-review process. One author received an invoice for $2700 after her paper was accepted; this fee was not mentioned in the email message OMICS sent her to solicit a submission.[2] These observations have led critics to assert that the main purpose of the publisher is commercial rather than academic.[6][7] The company director asserts that its activities are legitimate and ethical.[1]

Some academics have been listed for OMICS conferences without their agreement; the company has also been slow to remove the names of editorial board members who requested to terminate their relationship with OMICS activities.[1]


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